onsdag den 28. januar 2015

Wool sweater and bonus baclava

We are going skiing in Norway soon and my daugther really needed a new baclava to keep her warm. I bougth a meter of wool felt and squished a sweater and the baclava from this. I had to make a center back seam in the sweater, but thats allright.

She is almost looking like a snowleopard when wearing both the sweater and the baclava:)

The baclava is drafted by me. I used a light rosy remnant for the lining. I'm thinking about adding a pompon in the same colour as the lining - what do you think?

For the sweater I used my beloved Onion 20047. I had to add a centerback seam due to the shortage of fabric. I made a dipped hem on the backside to make it more interesting. The content of the fabric is a soft wool mix. Perfect for baclavas - would be lovely as a coatigan too. Maybe I should buy some more and continue the mother-daughter-theme on this blog:) :)

Pattern: Sweater: Onion 20047, Baclava: selfdrafted
Fabric: Stofdepotet

Happy sewing


4 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er det en sød sne-leopard du har :-) Det er virkelig en fin sweater med længden i ryggen - me like!

    1. Tak - det synes jeg også. Jeg glæder mig også over, at hun stadig synes, det hjemmesyede er cool:)

  2. Sikke et fint sæt og dejligt til skiferie. Jeg stemmer for en pompom :-)

    1. Jeg tror du har ret - det ville bryde det grå lidt.