fredag den 29. januar 2016

Spring planning

Planning what to sew for spring will make spring actually come right? We have had snow here in Denmark for a week or so, but it's gone now and it feels like winter is loosing it's grasp. Maybe we will have another snowstorm, but today it feels a bit like spring. So I'm calling of sewing winter clothes and starting planning what to sew for spring. Sewing takes a long time, so I like to have a plan for what to sew for the upcoming season, before I really need the clothes.

This spring I really need a new spring coat and I have seen this from the danish brand Baum und Pherdgarten's spring 2016 collection and will use it as inspiration.

I have the simplicity 1015 pattern in my stash that I will alter so it will look more like my inspiration picture. I have already bought some navy cotton twill and I have lining in my stash so I'm ready to go.

I need more separates for work and I think I'll start sewing this top in a blush wool viscose crepe. The pattern is the Cézembre top from Annaka Couture. You can find the pattern here.

I think I will try to make a pair of pants too. I have never had much luck in the pants department - neither when sewing or buying rtw. So it would be a sensible persons choice to devote some time here... Let's se if that happens...

A more likely scenario would be some dress sewing! I have already cut this burdastyle dress out. You can find it here. I have some gorgeous cotton silk in navy and green (very springy colours!) left from my Paris fabric raid last summer that hopefully will be perfect for this dress.

And the Wenona.. Such a great shirtdress. It has been on my sewing list since last spring and I still haven't made it. This spring it will happen. I'm planning to sew it up in some Robert Kaufmann chambray - can't get enought of that.

This was my bucketlist. I know this will probably not be the only things I'll sew. I have already planned a few things for the kids as well, but I hope having this list will help me stay focused...

Have you started sewing for spring yet? What are your plans - please spill the beans - I'd love to read all about your fantasy spring wardrobe.

Happy sewing everyone


torsdag den 28. januar 2016

Christmas gifts - in january....

Hello neclected blog - I must admit I'm constantly cheating on you with my favorite Instagram..

Merry belated christmas and happy belated new year to you. I hope you had a wonderful time. I had almost two weeks off from work and spend the time with family and friends - and quite a few hours in my sewing room. Such a bliss.

My new year resolution is to update this blog on a more regular basis. Let's see how that goes.

I have shown the below pictures of the christmas gifts I made for friends and family on Instagram before, but I like to make a blog post with them all - at least I'll then remember not to make the same next year...

I made quite a few christmas gifts this year. I try to make something I hope the recipient will like - and something that doesn't require too much fitting.

This year I have been most happy about the laceblouses I made. They are all made from elastic lace purchased locally from shops with no website - sorry. The two blouses are from a turtleneck pattern from the november issue of Burdastyle and the cami is selfdrafted. The two turtlenecks have a zipper in the back and are closed with a small button.

And the kimono craze continues...

I made this size 7 kimono in polar fleece for my niece with a matching one for her teddy.

I made this blue kimono for my husband. He has been asking for one for a long time, so it was about time to make him one. He has been using it almost everyday since, som I guess he likes it! I would have liked to show you a picture of him wearing it, but he couldn't be persuaded to pose in it on the www.. He mumbled something about future job options...

This last kimono is my favorite. I made it for my sister in a lovely liberty tana lawn - a long resident in my stash. In fact I actually gave her a toiletry bag last year from the same fabric. About time she got the matching robe right? She's on maternal leave right now and lets be honest - There are quite a few days you never get out of your robe when entertaining wee babies, so the robe better be pretty.

This last gift is a woolen scarf for my mum and almost doesn't qualify as sewing. It came with a pair of silver snowflake earrings. I almost kept this scarf to myself since I like the fabric so much. It's a teal wool blend with subtle flowers from Stofdepotet. I'm afraid the fabric is now sold out.

I have already started planning my sewing for spring. More about this later - had to wrap up christmas first! Have you started considering what to sew for spring? Right now I'm mostly thinking about dresses, floaty blouses and a new spring coat... So many options, so little time..

Happy sewing