mandag den 23. februar 2015

Moneta dress - comfy and stylish pyjama

Hello sewtionistas!

It's about time I show you the rest from my winter sewing binge. Especially since this is a stylish pyjama - perfect for work. You can sit all day by your desk without feeling sufficated by your jeans. You can even eat a big lunch and still feel comfortable - comfortable is the number one word in my book!

The Moneta Dress by Colette Patterns is a classic fit and flare dress with a low-ish back sewn in a knitfabric. I chose this nice and quite stable cotton jersey from M is for Make. If you need inspiration for this classic number theres plenty of beautifull versions online. Try taking a look at this or this

The Moneta is easy to fit since its a knitdress. It's quite short though - I'm 1,65 m and I like the length on me.

Here you can see the scoop back neckline.

I have a woolskirt more to show you - and then I switch to more spring appropriate sewing - so stay in tune.

Happy sewing


Pattern: Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns
Fabric: Cotton jersey from M is for Make

mandag den 9. februar 2015

Workstaples - Simplicity 1366 and a knitskirt

Work work work - how can I get away with wearing sweatpants and being comfy all day? Enter the skirtversion of a pair of sweatpants: the knitskirt! I can't begin to express my love for a good knitskirt - and I have made my share in my sewingcareer. Its soft and comfy, looks allright for work and you can make it in an hour. Only thing you have to worry about is choosing a knit staple enough not to show all your lumps and bumps.. This last point gets more and more important every year.. SO, because i'm in my late thirties I chose a thick knit with a subtle pattern from Stof2000. To add a bit of interest I added pockets zippers. Otherwise its just a selfdrafted knitskirt with an elastic waist. Perfect for the day, your collegue brings cake!

You can't go to work in a skirt alone - not in my job at least - so I made the famous Simplicity 1366. There are so many beautiful versions out there - please check this one by Groovybabyandmama and this one by the talented Mixed Emotions.

It's a boxy top with 3/4 length sleeves. Nothing much to say there, except that I love this pattern. I'm not too sure about my fabric choice though. It's a bit too thin and blah. I have actually only worn this top while taking these photos. I'll consider it a wearable muslin and make one in a better fabric.

On another note, I'm beginning to consider making a springcoat - perhaps it's already a bit late for that with my sewingpace, but nevertheless. I had so much fun making my mohaircoat and would like a bit more experience before I make a proper tailored coat for next winter. Any surgestions for a nice pattern? I was thinking about this and this - or perhaps this - what do you think? All from Burdastyle (and if anyone can show me how to copy the pictures from Burdastyle to this webpage, I'll be happy:))

Happy sewing


Pattern: Simplicity 1366, knitskirt is selfdrafted
Fabric: Knitfabric purchased locally at Stof2000, the rest unknown from stash

onsdag den 4. februar 2015

Clover Dress - Papercut Patterns

This is the Clover dress by Papercut Patterns and I like it! Yes this is me liking a garment. It's a versatile dress easy to tone up or down depending on shoes (always shoes!) and lipstick. A bonus about this little number is, that it's really comfy - nothing worse than a too tight dress right?

I made this dress without worrying about making a muslin. It's really loosefitting and it's got raglansleeves - nothing to worry about. The only thing tricky about this dress is the "V" in the front. I first had a vision of a delicate lace insert - but after trying it on, I decided the world would be a better place without me showing "my girls" at the dinnertable.. Perhaps tall girls don't have this problem? To solve this little issue I simply added a piece of black voile on the backside of the lace so it isn't see-through anymore. I lost the effect I was after, but I'm still quite pleased about this dress.

I used a sandwashed viscose from Stof og Stil for this dress. It's nice and soft to touch but not delicate like silk. You can wear this to a party without worrying about drops of wine on your dress as it can be washed in the washingmachine. I like. The shape of the dress is a bit sack-like and it does come with the obtion of making a fabric belt. I just used a regular leather belt I had in my closet.

Here you can see the lace close up.

I think this might be the last winterdress from me this year. In spite of the snow in my garden I'm stubbornly hoping for spring very soon! How about you - have you started sewing for a warmer season?

Pattern: Clover Dress from Papercut Patterns
Fabric: Sandwashed viscose from Stof og Stil, lace and black voile from stash

Happy sewing


mandag den 2. februar 2015

Coats - the mother-daughter-theme continues..

The mother-daughter-theme continues on this blog... Especially since my remnantpieces is just enough to make something for miss 4. So I present to you, The Mother-Daughter-Coat-Collection:)

I have been watching all the gorgeous coatigans both in the shops this season and all the loveliness made by trendy sewtionistas online and decided I needed one for myself. This coat is not warm enough to be a regular wintercoat - at least not here in cold scandinavia - but it's a trusty friend, when you need to look slightly more elegant than you do in a parka coat.

This coat is made using this burdastyle pattern. I altered the pattern slightly since the coat pattern doesn't allow for buttons. I altered the frontpieces to do a small overlap allowing for me to make a row of big snaps to close the jacket. I left out the pockets from the pattern - but now I regret it a bit - where do I put my keys, pepples and papertowels?

Here you can see the coat up close. However, the fabric hide the beautifull line drawing giving a bit of shaping to the front - please take at look at the burdastyle webpage to see the line drawing. The coat has a coatlining adding a bit of stability to the rather lightweight mohair wool.

I made a small tag to add a bit of everyday luxury.

And now to the mini-me-coat.

I "drafted" the pattern for this coat myself using a sweatshirtpattern one size too big, slicing it down the front, adding a bit to the frontpieces to allow it to overlap and drafting a new lining. It sounds harder than it was, but do give it a try. Childrens clothes is quite forgiving to make. Since this was a remnant piece I wasn't too worried to ruin it. I made small pockets too adding a (bought) crochetted flower to one of them for decoration. I used a remnantpiece in a light rosy collar to stabilize and use as a button placket for the sew-on snaps.

Since the coat is quite open around the neck, I asked my mother in law to knit a scarf - and she knitted one in just the right colours for this little number. Thank you!

These coats are not very practical but they were a fun sew and I use mine quite a bit for work. I would like to learn more about tailoring and make a proper wintercoat - perhaps next fall? Have you made a warm woolen wintercoat? Can you recommend any books on the tailoring?

I have a few more winter sewing projects to show you but I'm looking forward to start sewing for spring. How about you - have you started planning your spring wardrobe?

Pattern: Burdastyle Magazine 12/2012 # 117, and selfdrafted
Fabric: Stofdepotet. Lining purchased locally

Happy sewing