onsdag den 28. januar 2015

Wool sweater and bonus baclava

We are going skiing in Norway soon and my daugther really needed a new baclava to keep her warm. I bougth a meter of wool felt and squished a sweater and the baclava from this. I had to make a center back seam in the sweater, but thats allright.

She is almost looking like a snowleopard when wearing both the sweater and the baclava:)

The baclava is drafted by me. I used a light rosy remnant for the lining. I'm thinking about adding a pompon in the same colour as the lining - what do you think?

For the sweater I used my beloved Onion 20047. I had to add a centerback seam due to the shortage of fabric. I made a dipped hem on the backside to make it more interesting. The content of the fabric is a soft wool mix. Perfect for baclavas - would be lovely as a coatigan too. Maybe I should buy some more and continue the mother-daughter-theme on this blog:) :)

Pattern: Sweater: Onion 20047, Baclava: selfdrafted
Fabric: Stofdepotet

Happy sewing


mandag den 26. januar 2015

The mini hudson gang

I love these simple makes. Literally you can make two pair of cool sweat pants in two hours! These were a welcoming break after fitting my blue frankendress of disaster.

These are the famous Mini Hudson Pants and they deserve all the credit they get. It's an awesome pattern. I've made two pairs for myself (unblogged)and they are my go to weekend uniform.. Perfect for lounging around the house but also appropriate casual cool pants to wear doing your saturday shopping. When the talented blogger Kelli from True Bias released the pattern for small people I bought it immidiately. Then I got to lazy to stick the pdf papers together - then I got the brilliant idea to ask my daugther to do it (not the daugther on the picture;)) And here they are: the pants of awesomeness!

The pants come toghether quite easily. Kelli provides an excellent tutorial. I especially like the neat way the waistband is constructed.

I think the style of the pants suits both girls and boys. And these two both love their new pants. My son prefer to wear sweatpants everyday to school. He thinks they are cool and prefer to wear something soft to make it easier to play football and climb the trees - these activities result in a neverending demand for new pants..

The fabric for these pants both came from stash. I can't remember where the fabric for my son's pants came from, but its a terry knit. I chose to use the back side for the details by the pockets, the cuffs and the waistband.

The fabric for my daughters where a tiny remnant from this make. I really like the quality, but unfortunately I have now used the last bit, and Stofdepotet doesn't have it anymore.

I foresee many more of these pants to come in the nearfuture - maybe in a week or so, when my sons are ruined:/

Happy sewing to everyone.


lørdag den 24. januar 2015

Mother-daughter outfits - you know you love'em

I'm officially not a fan of mother-daughter outfits, but I make them all the time anyway - my excuse is to get good use of all the fabric - but secretly, I think it's cute too. Surely I'll never admit this to your face.

This is a frankenpattern - a pattern made from hacking several patterns together and then add a little selfdrafted feature as well. And the fabric - oh the fabric - this is a Robert Kaufman chambray with tiny dots. This is the best chambray (and the most pricy) I've come across. It's lightweigt, so soft and has a very tight weave. Pure luxury and still quite practical with small sticky fingers nearby.

I bought the Mortmain Dress by Gather and was hoping for a go to classic dress and it sure is - it just doesn't fit me. I made a muslin of the bodice and sleeves and couldn't fit my arms into the sleeves - wtf? The back of the dress featured a fabric hunch back and this was just not any good.

What to do? I used the sleeves from Pattern Runways Coffee date dress and redrafted the armscye. I pinched all the weird extra fabric out of the bodice. Then I looked at the skirt part and decided I actually liked the skirt from the Coffee date dress better... To recap - the only thing I acutally used form the Mortmain Dress was a heavily modified bodice!

To add a Little personal touch, I drafted a tiny peter pan collar. I used a neat tutorial I found online but now I can't find it again. Essentially you use the bodice neckline but you make it 2 cm smaller on the outer shoulderline. This makes the collar stay nice and flat. I think it worked quite well.

My daughter was in a very good mood when we took these Photos - she couldn't stop trying to make us laugh. She is wearing a really cute skirt made from the remnants from my dress. The pattern is the Ayshe Skirt from Figgy's. The skirt was a real pleasure to make. It has small beltloops, buttondown front, pockets and a real practical hidden elastic in the back waistband.

The photoshoot has to end now - she is cracking me up!

I guess it's easier to see the details of the dress here:

I used a scrap of Liberty on the inside waistband - just to make it extra pretty.

Dresspattern: The Mortmain Dress mixed with the Coffee Date Dress by Pattern Rundway and a selfdrafted peter pan collar
Skirtpattern: Ayshe Skirt from Figgy's

Fabric: Robert Kaufmann from M is for Make

How do you feel about mother-daughter outfits? Do you wear it at the same time - cause I know you make them;)

Happy sewing


mandag den 12. januar 2015

Sewing for boys

It seems so hard to get decent pictures of the clothes I make for myself so instead I present to you: Grumpy boy in a homemade vest (is this the right word?). He likes the vest, but not to have his picure taken. I had to bribe him with candy to get a so so shot, so I guess he will expect the same bribery next time I make him something.

The vest was a real pleasure to make. It came together easily and the edges are finished with biastape. It provides that little extra you need in the scandinavian winter.

I should have made a closeup picture on the little leather pocket detail. It's a small triangle - i put one on the back yoke as well, but you'll have to take my word for it since I didn't document it.

I have made the Hudson Pants by True Bias two times for myself (unblogged). They are both weekend favorites. True Bias has now released the Mini Hudsonpants and my kids need them! Both my daughter and son have asked for comfypants - so I thought it would be in their own interest to help out a bit. Putting pdf patterns together is not my favorite job - so why not introduce this as the next big thing in child labour after emptying the dishwashing machine? You want pants? - then cut this out and put them together!:)

I have quite a big backlog from the last two month I havent showed to you. This includes a Moneta, Simplicity 1366 blouse, Cloverdress, a coat and other tidbits.. I will get it photographed soon. Promise.

How do you keep up with the pictures this time of year? I find it so hard to get decent photos inside the house and outside it's always dark or rainy. Have you any advice? I only have an Iphone to take pictures - will it improve if I get a better camera?

Pattern and fabric: Stof og Stil

mandag den 5. januar 2015

Sewing good carma - surprisingly selfless sewing..

I should have written a post reflecting about my first year (almost) writing a sewingblog. Since I haven't written any posts since october it seemed a bit pointless, so instead I will show you a bit of unusual selfless end of the year sewing. After this post I will move on to my usual selfish sewing again:)

First I will show you a cute dress I made my daughter. She's just turned four and is all about cats, pink and ruffles. Being a good mum I made her this:

Cann you tell how pleased she is?

I drafted the dress myself on the basis of the bodice from my beloved skaterdress pattern. I just lenghened the bodice and cut a curved hemline. The fabric is from Stofdepotet.

Now, this isn't all about girly dresses. My son loves his homemade clothes too. I made him a sweatshirt with matching pants. Very soft and perfect for lazy days playing with lego on the floor.

I used my go-to sweatshirt pattern for kids Onion 20047 and added a pocket as a design feature. I made one for each of his two cousins too, but you will have to believe me on that, since I have no pictures of those. All fabric is from Stofdepotet.

For the sweatpants I used another go-to pattern from Ottobre. If you have never bought any of their kids clothes magazines I will encourage you to do so. The patterns are well drafted and you really get value for money. You can buy the magazine in english, finnish or swedish from their website. Here you can see a detail from the pocket.

And now for a blog premiere! So exiting - I made something for my hubby! It's just a basic longsleeved t-shirt, but he is so pleased about it - this is actually a bit embarrassing. It took me about two hours to make from the first cut to finishing the neckline. Maybe I should make him two this year..? I used the henley t-shirt pattern from Thread Theory. Thread Theory makes other modern style mens patterns too, if the urge to selfless sewing should emerge.

I hope you all had an enjoyable christmas and a happy newyear.

Happy sewing to everybody