mandag den 7. december 2015

Christmas presents - my list

I know - a homemade present isn't everybody's cup of tea, but occassionally I do like to make a little something for my unsuspecting friends and family. I like the idea of making something personal especially for this person. But what to make? I don't like to force anything on anybody, that I'm not totally sure of - especially if it's clothes. Clothes is such a sensible topic since it must not be to big (do you think I'm this fat?) or too small (will not be used) and has to be the right style.. I'm afraid these thoughts mostly is something I'm thinking about when making gifts for the ladies in my life. Usually (young) kids or men are not that fussy - or have more of an ecclectic style (ahem))

I've tried to make a little list of my surgestions for gifts. Some I've previously made - but I'm not showing this years production until after the big reveal on christmas eve (here in Denmark we open the gifts on the 24th in the evening).

The kimono

My favorite this year is the bathrobe - or for the more fashionable; the kimono. A bathrobe or a kimono is a sure winner since there is no need for fitting (that much) and it's pretty easy to sew. I've made a few in the past you can see here:

One for my sister:

One for me:

You can find the pattern I've used here

And I've even made a kimono size 6 and size teddy:

If you want to make a more out-of-the-house sort of kimono there are loads of free patterns online. I'm planning to sew up one of these in a lush silk velvet for christmas for ME and I plan to use this pattern:

Find it herhere


Another great gift for the ladies is anything with lace... If you choose a stretch lace it can be quite forgiving fit wise and still look impressive. I've previously sewn lace panties for myself, but that might be a bit strange to sew lace underwear (unless it's for your girlfriend) - but a lace camisole or a lace t-shirt wouldn't be uncomfortable to unwrap in front of the in laws. I've made this one a few month ago just using an old camisole as a pattern:


If you find some great fabric a t-shirt could make a good present. There are many good patterns online but my favorites are the free t-shirt patterns the Hemlock T-shirt and the Kirsten Kimono T-shirt.They are both easy to make and not formfitting.

Kirsten Kimono tee


Find it here

Make up pung

Makeup pouches and other pouches are also good gifts - perhaps including a nice handcream or perfume.. A lot of free tutorials can be found online. I haven't used this specific one- but it looks fine to me. It's made by the lovely Anna from Plan B:

You can download the free pattern here

Have you made any handmade presents yet - or do you plan to? Please spill the beans if you have any good surgestions!

Happy sewing