mandag den 24. august 2015

Oh Coco! - classic jacket for fall

The Coco jacket from Schnittchen Patterns is the first item to get ticked off my fall sewing list. - I still feel all organized following my plan. Lets see how long it will last before I start a new sewing project on a whim...

From the Schnittchen Patterns website:
Coco convinces through its plain cut, rounded corners and 3⁄4 length sleeves. It is fully lined.

I can confirm that the Coco convinces me. I love this jacket. I rarely feel that about a new item, but this is one of those rare moments when colour, pattern and fabric choice just make everything so worth it.

I made a few changes to the pattern. First of all I added snaps - I even bought one of those tools to set them in. I think the snaps give a classic jacket a more modern edge. Then I added four selfdrafted pockets in two different sizes to keep a classic vibe.

This is my first time working with bouclé. It's a tricky fabric where the fraying was almost driving me nuts. I made sure to cut a 3 cm seamallowance and then I did a zig zag stich on all patternpiecec to prevent fraying. I used interfacing on the bouclé where I set in the snaps and on the facings. I also made a back stay on the top of the backpieces to prevent the jacket from stretching out. As a final touch I like to use piping in the seam between facings and lining. The pattern is well drafted and came together easily. I can really recommend this pattern as a go to pattern for a classic jacket.

I know my method of treating the bouclé is not the couture quilting method. I'm hoping this Coco jacket will give me the last bit of courage to finally tackling the black chanel fabric I bought to make "the real deal" with all the couture methods.

How is your fall sewing coming along? Next on my list is a silk shirt dress - have you got any tips for sewing with silk?

Happy sewing.


Pattern: Coco jacket from Schnittchen
Fabric: cotton bouclé from Paris - I can't remember the name of the fabric shop.

fredag den 14. august 2015

Fall sewing plans

Hello there!

I hope you all have had a nice summer. Mine definitely was. I spend two weeks in France and also enjoyed the (reasonably) good summer we've had here in Denmark this year.

France was brilliant! I spend the holiday touring around Paris and the western part of France with my hubby and three kiddos in an campercar. The countryside was beautiful, the weather was great and the wine and the cheese... But I know you don't stop by here for the wine and the cheese alone but also for the love of sewing. You wan't to know the dirty deeds. Yes I did some fabric shopping! Yes i bought 30 meters to kickstart my fall sewing! I bought some lovely bouclé, cotton, wool suiting and lots of silk. I'm not sure why it's so difficult (and expensive) to buy silk here in Denmark so I went a bit crazy in Paris where the selection and prices are a very different story to here.

I've started to collect a few ideas for what I'll sew for the upcoming season. This year I've decided to be more focused in my sewing and less impulsive.. Lets see how that will go.. I hope my keyword for this fall will be wearability.

I'm planning to use my bouclé to sew a Coco Jacket. I've made one (unblogged) version before and this pattern is a great basic if you want to dip your toe into jacket making. It's a simple and rather easy pattern, but it still features a two piece sleeve and it's lined. On my first version I added welt pockets but I think I'll go for classic patch pockets in the fraying bouclé. I'm hoping making the Coco will give me courage to start making the real deal: a chanel bouclé jacket with all the couture features. I have had all the supplies for this for over a year but I can't get over my fear of ruining it all so I haven't dared making it yet...

I have seen that turtle necks are back this fall and think I'll have a go if I can find som decent jersey. I'm planning to use this burdastyle pattern:

Kirsten, Kirsten - I'll never tire of this pattern. It's a classic in my wardrobe and I'll make a few more for to wear with jackets and cardigans this fall. Did I mention the pattern is a free download?

I have a really nice grey ponte in my stash that will work well for this pattern. I really like the asymmetric pleating and the zipper in the back.

As soon as I saw this in the august number of Burdastyle I knew I had to make it. It will be perfect in the blue og black stretch silk I bought in Paris. The pattern is plussize, but I'm not too concerned about sizing down since its a loosefitting dress.

I bought the Wenona Dress pattern by Named Clothing back in spring but this is really a dress for fall and winter. I really like the lines and I hope this will be a winner for winter.

I'm hoping to make a few a-line wool skirts too and a kimono.. I hope this plan will keep me from fabricshopping (too much) since I already have the fabric for most on this list.

I think I like sewing for fall even more, than summerdresses. I really like the texture and colours in the fabrics for fall. How about you - are you excited about sewing for the next season or do you prefer the summerdresses? Have you started planning? Have you any other surgestions for cool fall patterns?

Happy sewing