mandag den 9. februar 2015

Workstaples - Simplicity 1366 and a knitskirt

Work work work - how can I get away with wearing sweatpants and being comfy all day? Enter the skirtversion of a pair of sweatpants: the knitskirt! I can't begin to express my love for a good knitskirt - and I have made my share in my sewingcareer. Its soft and comfy, looks allright for work and you can make it in an hour. Only thing you have to worry about is choosing a knit staple enough not to show all your lumps and bumps.. This last point gets more and more important every year.. SO, because i'm in my late thirties I chose a thick knit with a subtle pattern from Stof2000. To add a bit of interest I added pockets zippers. Otherwise its just a selfdrafted knitskirt with an elastic waist. Perfect for the day, your collegue brings cake!

You can't go to work in a skirt alone - not in my job at least - so I made the famous Simplicity 1366. There are so many beautiful versions out there - please check this one by Groovybabyandmama and this one by the talented Mixed Emotions.

It's a boxy top with 3/4 length sleeves. Nothing much to say there, except that I love this pattern. I'm not too sure about my fabric choice though. It's a bit too thin and blah. I have actually only worn this top while taking these photos. I'll consider it a wearable muslin and make one in a better fabric.

On another note, I'm beginning to consider making a springcoat - perhaps it's already a bit late for that with my sewingpace, but nevertheless. I had so much fun making my mohaircoat and would like a bit more experience before I make a proper tailored coat for next winter. Any surgestions for a nice pattern? I was thinking about this and this - or perhaps this - what do you think? All from Burdastyle (and if anyone can show me how to copy the pictures from Burdastyle to this webpage, I'll be happy:))

Happy sewing


Pattern: Simplicity 1366, knitskirt is selfdrafted
Fabric: Knitfabric purchased locally at Stof2000, the rest unknown from stash

4 kommentarer:

  1. Der er ikke noget som en jersey nederdel! Hvor er den fiks :-) Jeg er vild med lynlåsene. Hvor har du købt mønsteret til blusen?

    1. Mønstret til blusen er købt på Simplicitys hjemmeside (husk at vælge eu eller uk, så du undgår told). Der er udsalg på alle mønstre et par gange om året, hvor de sælges til omkring £4. Det er et supergodt mønster, der er nem at variere. Jeg har også set eks. Groovybabyandmama forlænge det til en løs kjole.

    2. Tak for svar Mette :-) det må jeg holde øje med. Det er jo ikke fordi jeg har travlt med at få den syet. Det varer lidt før den passer :-)

    3. Ps. Lige nu har New Look udsalg med alle mønstre til £3. Du kan finde dem her: Jeg har lige bestilt 6 mønstre - det kræver lidt kreativitet at overse det hæslige tøj, men prøv kun at fokusere på stregtegningerne af mønstret:)