mandag den 23. november 2015

The finished coat

I'm so happy to show you this coat. I have been working on it for about a month - on and off - and now it's finally finished! - Just in time for the cold and the snow that hit Denmark this weekend.

I wrote a blogpost about the construction process here, so this post will be all about the pictures and me rambling about what I've learned.

I chose a simple, classic sillouette for my first babysteps into coatmaking. I'm hoping a classic coat will last me more than one season - and that all the tailoring will make it look good for more than one season too..

So what did I learn from this project?

- I learned a lot of the basics of tailoring. I now know the dirty secrets of a good coat and the amount of time it takes to make it.
- I learned that using horsehair canvas the right places will add stability and a more professional look to your garment. The horsehair canvas also helps to shape the fabric properly.
- I learned to use beeswax to reinforce the thread when sewing by hand.
- I learned to use sleeveheads. I can't understand why I haven't done that before. Sleeveheads are from now on, a must do for my slopy shoulders when sewing a jacket or coat.
- I learned how to interline a coat for warmth

In the next two photos you can see what a sleevehead and shoulderpads can do for a coat.

I really like that the front piece is sewn to the backpiece like this:

Here you can see how I lined my coat. It's a navy-black twill weave acetate lining I've used. The lining is hiding all the tailoring made on this coat and the interlining.

I used two large snaps to close the coat properly. I guess, I could have gone with just the belt, but since this is a wintercoat, I feel it's nice with a possibility for a proper closing.

What would I do different next time I make a coat?
- I would use horsehair canvas down the front instead of fusible interfacing. I think I would still use fusible interfacing on the facings and the hemlines of the sleeves and coatbody. In this coat I only used horsehair canvas on the lapels, and for shoulder reinforcement and in the collar.

Have you got any good advice for coatmaking?

Have you planned any coats this season - or have you already made one? Please spill the beans!

Happy sewing


6 kommentarer:

  1. Seriously, this is a coat! All I´ve done so far is kids play compared to this so I have no advice at all haha! would love to get into coatmaking like this, it´s perfect!

    1. Thank you so much Andreia. You are much too kind. It isn't actually that hard - just require some patience. I just checked out your blog - so many gorgeous garments!

  2. Wow Mette this coat is just perfect ... I bet is super super warm too!

    1. Thank you so much Sasha. I can assure you it's not perfect, but I must admit I'm pretty pleased with this as a first try on tailoring:)

  3. Your coat looks wonderful! Hope you have worn it lots.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the coat is in high rotation - I wear it practically everyday:)