mandag den 26. januar 2015

The mini hudson gang

I love these simple makes. Literally you can make two pair of cool sweat pants in two hours! These were a welcoming break after fitting my blue frankendress of disaster.

These are the famous Mini Hudson Pants and they deserve all the credit they get. It's an awesome pattern. I've made two pairs for myself (unblogged)and they are my go to weekend uniform.. Perfect for lounging around the house but also appropriate casual cool pants to wear doing your saturday shopping. When the talented blogger Kelli from True Bias released the pattern for small people I bought it immidiately. Then I got to lazy to stick the pdf papers together - then I got the brilliant idea to ask my daugther to do it (not the daugther on the picture;)) And here they are: the pants of awesomeness!

The pants come toghether quite easily. Kelli provides an excellent tutorial. I especially like the neat way the waistband is constructed.

I think the style of the pants suits both girls and boys. And these two both love their new pants. My son prefer to wear sweatpants everyday to school. He thinks they are cool and prefer to wear something soft to make it easier to play football and climb the trees - these activities result in a neverending demand for new pants..

The fabric for these pants both came from stash. I can't remember where the fabric for my son's pants came from, but its a terry knit. I chose to use the back side for the details by the pockets, the cuffs and the waistband.

The fabric for my daughters where a tiny remnant from this make. I really like the quality, but unfortunately I have now used the last bit, and Stofdepotet doesn't have it anymore.

I foresee many more of these pants to come in the nearfuture - maybe in a week or so, when my sons are ruined:/

Happy sewing to everyone.


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  1. I saw these pants on Instagram and I'm very happy to discover a new blog! I like your style very much!

    1. I just checked out your blog - so stylish! I added you to my bloglovin account immediately!