mandag den 5. januar 2015

Sewing good carma - surprisingly selfless sewing..

I should have written a post reflecting about my first year (almost) writing a sewingblog. Since I haven't written any posts since october it seemed a bit pointless, so instead I will show you a bit of unusual selfless end of the year sewing. After this post I will move on to my usual selfish sewing again:)

First I will show you a cute dress I made my daughter. She's just turned four and is all about cats, pink and ruffles. Being a good mum I made her this:

Cann you tell how pleased she is?

I drafted the dress myself on the basis of the bodice from my beloved skaterdress pattern. I just lenghened the bodice and cut a curved hemline. The fabric is from Stofdepotet.

Now, this isn't all about girly dresses. My son loves his homemade clothes too. I made him a sweatshirt with matching pants. Very soft and perfect for lazy days playing with lego on the floor.

I used my go-to sweatshirt pattern for kids Onion 20047 and added a pocket as a design feature. I made one for each of his two cousins too, but you will have to believe me on that, since I have no pictures of those. All fabric is from Stofdepotet.

For the sweatpants I used another go-to pattern from Ottobre. If you have never bought any of their kids clothes magazines I will encourage you to do so. The patterns are well drafted and you really get value for money. You can buy the magazine in english, finnish or swedish from their website. Here you can see a detail from the pocket.

And now for a blog premiere! So exiting - I made something for my hubby! It's just a basic longsleeved t-shirt, but he is so pleased about it - this is actually a bit embarrassing. It took me about two hours to make from the first cut to finishing the neckline. Maybe I should make him two this year..? I used the henley t-shirt pattern from Thread Theory. Thread Theory makes other modern style mens patterns too, if the urge to selfless sewing should emerge.

I hope you all had an enjoyable christmas and a happy newyear.

Happy sewing to everybody

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