tirsdag den 20. oktober 2015

Blue silk shirtdress

Hello again sewing friends - and random family members:)

Nothing much is happening on this blog - because I've been sewing like a maniac the last few month. When it comes to choosing between sewing and blogging, sewing always win. This dress was finished at least a month ago and have had few outings.

The dress is from the Burdastyle Magazine from august 2015. I was immediately attracted to the kimonosleeves and loose tent like shirtdress appearance. Nothing beats a tent - it's easy to fit and wear - and I like the sillouette - at least with a belt..

Would you look at that fabric. I bought in a shop on Montmartre in Paris this summer. It's a 100% lightweight silk with a large paisley pattern.

Construction wise the dress was fun to sew. I like sewing the collar and all the nitty bits in a shirtdress. The hidden button placket took me a while to figure out - because Burda! No clear instructions. It came together in the end and I'm happy with the result.

This pattern is a plussize pattern size 44. Since I'm a 40-42 and I didn't size down it's a bit more oversized than the pattern suggests. I added an extra hidden button above the button placket to spare colleagues a boobflash at meetings - I'm nice that way:)

I didn't change the shoulders since this is a kimonoshape and since I wouldn't know how to alter the collar to a smaller size. Lengthwise I cut of my usual 10-12 cm. This is a common alteration for me, since I'm a shorty (and chubby).

Sorry about the blurry photo of my backside - my photographer needs a course, but he doesn't seem that interested in developing his skills...

Even though this lightweight silk isn't very suitable for the danish fall and winter, I think I'll use it anyway with tights, boots and a cardi.

I have a long backlog of unblogged garments so stay tuned for the next few weeks - esp. if you are into blurry photos:)

I hope your fall sewing is coming along as well. I'm still quite excited about my plans for fall sewing and have completed quite a few items from my list (- and quite a few not on my list too).

Happy sewing


2 kommentarer:

  1. Waauu hvor er den flot Mette! Kan godt forstå du er glad for den (og fint med en ekstra knap - haha :-)
    Stoffet er enormt smukt synes jeg.
    Og så glæder jeg mig til at se mere af hvad du har syet (jeg prioriterer ligesom dig - syning over blog...)

    1. Tusind tak Mette - det var et inspirerende indlæg, du skrev igår. Jeg forsøger hele tiden at holde fast i, kun at sy tøj, der passer til det liv, jeg lever, men det er en udfordring, når der er konstant ny inspiration og skønne stoffer...